Light Age Master Guruji Krishnananda

Nationality        : Indian
Region              :active Bangalore
Occupation       :Founder, Manasa Foundation,

 Light Channels World Movement Ancestor master Maharshi Amara

Maharshi Amara (1919-1982)

He was one of the tallest Light Masters ever walked on the earth. He came in contact with the seven Light Masters in the Astral plane at the age of nine and worked with them till his end.

He travelled astrally daily to other worlds and gathered vast Spiritual Knowledge, particularly the science of Meditation.

He founded the Rishis Path in 1974 when the Dark Age or the Kali Yuga ended.

He continues to guide the followers from the Astral plane even now.

Guruji Krishnananda 

Guruji Krishnananda (1939) met his Guru, Maharshi Amara (1919-1982), in 1977 and his life took a new turn. His Guru had established contact with the Sapta Rishis, the Hierarchy, and other Rishis when he was very young. He used to travel astrally to other earths and meet the Rishis and Devas there. He brought down rare Spiritual Knowledge and the whole Science of Meditation.

For five years, Guruji learnt Meditation, Astral travel and other techniques from his Guru and after his passing away, founded Manasa Foundation to continue the work of his Guru, teaching Meditation and disseminating rare Spiritual Knowledge. He developed Dhyana Yoga.

In 2006, he established the Study Centre to study rare Spiritual realities with the help of Intuition. In 2009, he began the Light Channels World Movement helping people channeling Light daily for seven minutes to spread Love and Peace. Lakhs of school children have channeled Light and have benefitted in their studies and lives.

Guruji lives in Taponagara, 20 Kms away from Bangalore city, in India and conducts weekly Meditation classes. He has authored several Spiritual books. His “Doorways to Light” is considered a very important book for understanding the New Age.

Guruji works as a channel to the Sapta Rishis.

The Path

The Path established by Guruji is known as The Path of the Rishis. Meditation and Positivisation of thoughts and emotions are the basic approaches here. The Path defines Spirituality as being good and honest. Spirituality is different from religion.

We have come down as souls to this planet to experience life here. Experiencing life fully and then going back to our Source is the Purpose of life.

Meditators are encouraged to establish direct links with the Rishis in the higher planes. They are taught the New Age realities and are guided to go through the transitional processes of entering into the New Age and the effects of events occurring at the end of 2012.


Guruji asserts that we are here to experience the human life and all its diversity. We have to manifest the Life Force and celebrate Life. We must manifest Love, Peace and Truth. That is true Spirituality. We have to realize the uselessness of the meaningless rituals imposed by the humans and become aware of the distortions in the Knowledge we inherit.

We have to realize that the Rishis of Puranas do exist at a different level. We have to establish contact to receive the undistorted Knowledge and guidance to sail through the difficult period of Pralaya.

God is a Reality. He is Light. He is Intelligence. He can be experienced in Meditations. The forms are his manifestations. The best way of worship is through Meditations.

This world is imperfect. But this is our world. We have to love this world. We are all one. We have to share our accomplishments and Karmas.

We have to work for the Peace and Welfare of our world.

All religions speak of the same Truth. We have to go beyond religion to realize and experience the Oneness of humanity.

Our thoughts and emotions impact nature and all life on earth. Every being and non-being has intelligence and feelings. We must expand our Awareness to understand and interact with all Life.

We are not alone. There are many in other earths waiting to help us to pass through the difficult times of Transition and 2012 effects.

We need not reincarnate after clearing our Karmas. But we can choose to come down and work for the Rishis who have been working for the welfare of all Life here from ages.

                    Guruji Krishnananda Speaks On 2012
                                                    (Compiled by Shoba K Rao)

When you are in contact with the Rishis you should contain the excitement, otherwise the mind becomes active and starts projecting the things that you like to receive. The communication then either ends or gets distorted.

Whenever we meditate in an energy field, the Core and the Field get strengthened. The deity of the Field takes care of all our material and Spiritual needs. If many people sit and mass meditate for a long time in a place they can create an energy field in that area.

In the present times, Spiritual guides can guide people only when they are aware of the new laws, new ways, the new information about 2012 etc.

Unless we know the answers to certain questions like: Who are we? Where do we come from? etc., we will be taking the wrong routes or we may never begin our Spiritual journey. When we begin the journey we have to go beyond, to experience and manifest the experience.

Do the Rishis exist? Unless you know the answers to such questions, and you are convinced, you can't talk to others about these things.

We struggle in Sadhana if the Spiritual condition of the world around us is not good, or if there are disturbances around us, as we are linked together. In spite of that we have to meditate and channel Light to bring relief not only to ourselves but also to others. It's a part of Sadhana. Periodically we have to introspect and pull ourselves up.

Judging people and developing strong feelings holds us back and takes us down. Locate the good points in people and establish relations from there to the Soul-level.

From 21st December 2009 lot of powers from the dark forces will be taken away, making transformation easier for every one. There will be new choices and challenges.

Intense healing of the earth begins. Hereafter whenever you practise Pranayama inhale blue light, hold the breath, and exhale blue light.

Henceforth, whenever we make a very genuine effort we will be rewarded, and whenever we consciously deviate or commit a mistake we will be punished.

The presence of a Meditator in a bus averted a serious accident. That is the power of Meditation! Sometimes people grumble that they are not making progress.

People in the beginning stages are expected to be patient. Before asking questions, they have to study, listen, read, understand and meditate for some time. People who join us get the shield after meditating for three months in the Chakra activation Stage. This is meant for protection from dark forces. We have to trust the Rishis and move on.
Spiritual aids really do not improve the quality of Meditation, as meditation occurs at a deeper level.

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