Pyramid Master Subash Patriji Teachings

" Be a Master "

Only through Meditation, only through Enlightenment, only through hearing others' Life Experiences, do we come to know of our own Grand Self, our own Universal Self, our own Cosmic Self. That is becoming a Master !

" No Death "

Death would only become the death of a particular experience in a physical system ! The Energy-Knowledge-Consciousness Entity which got itself integrated with a physical system, thus far, gets separated and goes on its own grand onward journey into various other frequency universes ! That is Death !
" Science of Meditation- 1 "

There is a great Spiritual Revolution on, presently, on this Mother Earth ! The bottom-line of this Spiritual Mutation... of this Spiritual Revolution... currently being heralded... on this Earth... is called as... The Science of Meditation.

 " Science of Meditation- 2 "

The basics of the True Science of Meditation...You have to just be with your natural, normal, easy, soft breathing.

" Science of Meditation- 3 "

There are three great laws in the Science of Meditation ... The first great law says: " when you are with breath, the mind becomes empty ". The mind becomes clean, and empty, when the mind is without any of the thoughts.

" Law of Karma "

The word ‘ karma ’ is a sanskrit word, which means ‘ any action ’. Every action is a cause unto another result. Whatever we do, it leads to its own consequent situations !

 " Power of Thought "

The Law concerning the power of thought is put simply as “ As we think, so it becomes ”, “ As our intent is, so is the manifestation ”. The material manifestation depends upon the inner intent.
There is no ‘ outside ’ god ! The power of thought is the power of god.

" Jesus Christ "

The two great commandments of Jesus Christ. The first commandment is “ love thy self with all thy heart ”. The second commandment is “ love thy neighbour ... like you love yourself ”.
  " Confucius "

  Those who wish to rectify their minds will first make their will sincere. Those who wished to make their will sincere would first extend their knowledge. Sincerity breeds seriousness, and seriousness breeds enlightenment...

" The science of meditation is very simple! 'When we are with the breath, the mind becomes empty…', this is the first law of the science of meditation. " .

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