Improving Your Situation

Everyone's situation can be improved immediately by seeing what is needed for fulfillment. Often the ego drives us to do something or pursue some line of work we may not really want to do and at the time it even looks reasonable to us. But ask yourself, "Is this really what I want to do?"

If your professional endeavour is really what you want to do there will be no hesitation to do whatever it takes to continue. You will wash windows, clean toilets, sell real estate or do anything else to give you the freedom to fulfill your passion. It has been found many times by many people that what looked like failure in the beginning was exactly what was needed to spur the person on.

If your enterprise has been under capitalised from the outset you may have to borrow money. This is not a step to be taken lightly or one for the faint hearted. When money has been borrowed it has to be paid back and this can bring its own inconceivable pressures.

When some financial burden is taken on it is important for you to have some physical, mental or emotional discipline to give distance from the intensity generated from being in debt.

The emotional and mental toll, from which relationships suffer as well as financial strain, is often too much for the relationship in the long run. It can have devastating effects so be aware.

There are numerous ways to improve the situation in your professional or creative life and it is helpful to look at the problems in a detached way and see what can be done to rectify them.

Generally a more balanced outlook can immediately improve any situation and especially if that situation lies in the professional or the creative realm. Creative people have for hundreds of years been undervalued and appreciated only at the peak of rock glory, pop fame, operatic excellence and in recent years, ballet and the arts.

If the creative urge is genuine the desire for fame or recognition will not play any real part in why you are doing the work. The mind will just bother you here and there with ideas of grandeur.

This desire for recognition can never be the reason for the creative urge and in fact the creativity itself is enough reward. The rest is persistence and perseverance. As Van Gough said about his work, " it is ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration."

This saying goes for any endeavour, whether creative, business orientated or sometimes even health related issues.

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