Golden Words From Divine Mother Mata Amritanandamayi

Ever since 1981, Mata Amritananmayi has been teaching spiritual believers all over the world, the ancient traditions of yoga and Vedanta. Her spiritual teachings revolve around renunciation of false sense of ego of man. She also persuades people to concentrate on the Divine, overcoming all barriers, and attain realization.

Golden Words From Divine Mother "AMMA"

1. “To remember God, you have to forget. To be really focused on God is to
be fully and absolutely in the present moment, forgetting the past and the
future. That alone is real prayer.”

2. “Look at the beauty and perfection of Nature. Everything in Nature is so

3. “Life is a mystery. You cannot understand it unless you surrender, for your
intellect cannot grasp its expansive and infinite nature, its real meaning and
fullness. Bow down low and be humble; then you will know life's meaning.”

4. “Searching for God outside is like trying to catch a fish by emptying the
ocean. Therefore, become introverted. When God is seen within, then He can
be seen everywhere.”

5. “We should learn to remain as beginners throughout our lives.”

6. “Never look back and grieve. Look forward and smile.”

7. “Love one another without any expectations. Then there is no need to go
anywhere in search of heaven.” “

8. “Once we get on a boat or a bus, we need not continue carrying our loads
on our heads. Children, surrender everything to Him. If we lead our lives with
this attitude of surrender, we will be free from sorrow.”

9.  “Spirituality is the means to restore our inner connection with the Divine.”
10. “Children, meditation is not just sitting with our eyes closed. We should
take every action as worship. We should be able to experience His presence

11. “We should pour water at the root of a tree, and not at the top, for only
then will the water reach every part of the tree. In the same way, if we really
love God, we will love  all living beings in the universe because God dwells in
the hearts of all beings. God is the foundation of everything. Therefore we
should see God in all forms and love and worship Him in all forms.”

12. “A real wealthy man is one who can always smile, even in the face of
sorrow. Sorrow cannot make him cry nor does he need happiness to make
him rejoice. He does not need the support of objects or favorable external
events in order to be happy.”Amma Quotes

13. “Spirituality teaches how to gain the courage and strength to enjoy bliss
in this very life.”

14. “A child has no ego, no past or future. The child has no attachments, and
because of this, he is able to express himself fully, without any prejudices or
preconceived ideas.”

15. “A flower doesn't need instructions on how to bloom. No music teacher
taught the nightingale to sing. It is spontaneous. There is no force involved,
it happens naturally. Similarly, in the presence of a great Master, the closed
bud of your heart opens up. You become as receptive and innocent as a
child, a humble and obedient child of the Master.”

16. “Faith in God is to strengthen your faith in you, the faith in your own
Self. This is, in other words, called Self-confidence, confidence in your own
Self. If that is not there, you cannot succeed in life.”

17. “If we continuously maintain self awareness, we will be able to
experience peace and happiness.”

18. “By changing a very common misconception—the idea that your
problems are to be found in the outer situations of life—you can remove your
problems once and for all. Understand that the difficulties are to be found
within your own mind. Once you become aware of this, you can begin the
process of removing your inner weakness.”

19. “Real love is the complete absence of any negative feelings towards

20. “Your body is yours but it’s not you. It is the same with your mind,
thoughts, feelings, and intellect. They are yours but they are not you. You
are the seer who sees through the eyes, you are the perceiver who feels the
emotions, you are the thinker behind the thoughts.”

21. “Spirituality is the substratum on which all true religions exist. No religion
can exist for long if it has no spiritual principles as its foundation. Such a
religion would soon die.”

22. “When you see life, and all that life brings you, as a precious gift, you will
be able to say yes to everything.”

23. “It is the deeper understanding of the Truth of the oneness of all
creation, which teaches humans to love nature and to develop a sense of
reverence and devotion to all.”

24. “There is a child within everyone. The desire to search for this child is felt
by all living beings… This childlike innocence deep within you is God.”Amma Quotes

25. “Pray for the peace and welfare of one and all in this world.”

26. “Receptivity is the power to believe, the power to have faith, the ability
to accept love. It is the power to prevent doubt from entering your mind.
Receptivity is the ability to accept all experiences of life without reacting to

27. “The past is like a cancelled check; it’s futile to brood over it.”

28. “Children, God is deep within us. He dwells there as innocence, as pure
and innocent love. Now this innocence is veiled by the mind as its egotistic
feelings. But it is always there; it has only been forgotten. You have to go
deep within; you have to rediscover and remember.”

29. “We cannot change all situations in life, but we can change our attitude
towards them.”

30. “Nowadays everybody wants to become a leader. No one wants to
become a servant. In reality, the world is badly in need of servants, not
leaders. A real servant is a real leader. A real leader is one who really serves
the people without ego and egocentric desires. In fact, greatness is not in
dress, and lordship is not in acquiring wealth. Real greatness lies in humility
and simplicity.”

31. “Detachment is necessary for spiritual growth.”

32. “See both joy and sorrow as sent by God.”    

33. “Everything in nature is a wonderful miracle. Isn’t a little bird flying
through the vast sky a miracle? Isn’t a tiny fish swimming through the
depths of the ocean a miracle? Unfortunately, people think that only if a fish
flies through the sky can it be called a miracle!”

34. “Emptying the mind becomes easier in the presence of a Master. A
Satguru’s mere thought, look, or touch can bring about tremendous

35. “A true smile is something that originates in the heart. Only such a smile
can bring light to our own faces and to the hearts of those who are near us.”

36. “Understand that God dwells as pure consciousness in all beings,
including you. As this experience becomes stronger and stronger, the love in
you also grows. This love is the best cure for all emotional blocks.”

37. “Truth is God. No one except God loves us selflessly. Having closed all
the doors and windows, what is the meaning of blaming the sun for not
giving light? Who is responsible? Open the doors and windows and the sun's
rays will enter the room.”

38. “Always listen carefully when others talk to you.”

39. “Someone who has discarded all desires, alone, is a perfect one.”

40. “Grace comes out of nowhere. It can happen at anytime, at any place.”

41. “When we dedicate ourselves solely to the well being of others, it is our
own mind that becomes pure. When you give your friend a bouquet of
flowers, you are the one who experiences the gratification of giving. You are
the first one to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the flowers. In the same
way, you can derive happiness from selfless acts.”

42. “There are two ways: Think of everyone as your own Self, or see
everyone as God and serve Him.”

43. “Rowing a boat against the current is difficult, but if there is a sail it
becomes easy. Love for God is like a sail that helps the boat go forward.”

44. “Try to stand back as a witness to the thoughts in your mind, like one
standing on the  bank of a river, watching the water flow.”

45. “When there is a curtain over the window, we cannot see the blue sky. If
we remove the sense of 'I' from our mind, we will be able to see the light
within us.”

46. “A realized soul is like a river or a tree, giving comfort and coolness to
those who come to him.”

47. “There is a treasure chest of diamonds within you, but you are searching
for diamonds outside. The key to that chest is also with you, but it has
become rusty. You have to polish it if it is to open the chest. We approach a
guru for this purpose.”

48. “Whether it is spiritual love or worldly love, love remains love. The
difference is only in depth and degree. Even if love has a worldly touch in the
beginning, it can reach the highest peak of purity if it becomes one-pointed
and selfless.”

49. “The outside shapes and colors of the different wrappings on candies can
differ, but all the candies have the same substance. Likewise, the supreme
principle behind the various shapes and colors in the outside world is one.”

50. “The ring, the bracelet and the earrings are made of gold. If you look at
their external shapes you only see these shapes, if you look deeper you can
see the gold that is the substratum within all of them.”

51. “An actor takes many roles, but he remains the same. God is like this.
Different are His names and forms, but He is the One behind all.”

52. “What is the use of sitting inside a room with all the doors and windows
closed and complain that it is dark, while the sun is shining brightly outside?
If we just open the doors of our hearts, we can receive the grace that God is
constantly showering upon us.”

53. “A belief obtained through telling, hearing and reading will not last long.
Whereas, the faith gained from experience will last forever.”

54. “Attending a lecture on the theory of cooking will not remove hunger.
Knowledge alone is not enough; to practice what we grasp intellectually is
more important.”

55. “Spirituality is an experience. To really know it all interpretations and
explanations should end. There should not be any inner talking or any
judgments. All interpretations are borrowed ideas. They are all repetitions.
Spirituality can be experienced only in stillness and silence.”

56. “What difference is there between someone who gives speeches and a
tape recorder? Will reading cookbooks satisfy our hunger?”

57. “There is wind everywhere but the person who comes to rest under a
tree out of the scorching heat gets a special kind of rejuvenating coolness .
Likewise, we can experience a unique peace when we go to Mahatmas.”

58. “By filling a reservoir, you supply water to all the pipes connected to it. If
you pour water at the root of a tree, it will reach all the branches. In the
same way, by loving God, we love everyone. It is the same God dwelling
within everyone.”

59. “There is a black crow in the company of white cranes. Only because
black is present can we appreciate the beauty of white. Sorrows can teach us
the value of joy.”

60. “No one can experience the Self until his heart is filled with compassion.
You cannot build a house just by piling up bricks; you need cement to hold
the bricks together. Similarly, we cannot build the steps leading to God
without adding the binding quality of love.”

61. “Just as the right hand comes to dress the wound on the left hand, we
should see another person's sorrows as our own and come to his or her aid.”

62. “A musk deer searches for the source of the fragrance of musk, but it
won't find it, because the fragrance comes from within itself. Bliss is not to
be found outside of us; it exists within us.”

63. “The intellect always cuts and divides like a pair of scissors. The heart Amma Quotes
sews things together and unites like a needle. The tailor uses both.”

64. “Love is the basis of the universe.”

65. “In the presence of a great Master, the closed bud of your heart opens up

66. “Real prayer is wiping the tears of the distressed. If there is no shoulder
for the sorrowful to lay their heads upon, it would be the greatest darkness.”

67. “A truly spiritual person lives for the Truth, and breathes for Love.”

68. “When we serve others, it is we, more than anyone, who benefit from the
service. Selfless service fills us with satisfaction and joy and we become
more expansive.”
69. “God's grace is like sunlight; it shines on all without discrimination.”

70. “Every failure is a lesson for us to learn from.”

71. “Love is the only medicine that can heal the wounds of the world.”

72. “Love and unity are not alien to human nature—they are our most
fundamental instincts, the very foundation of our existence.”

73. “We have enough leaders who are not real leaders. Let us become a real
servant instead. That is the only way to become a real leader.”

74. “Like the two wings of a bird, women and men are of equal value. For
without the two in perfect balance, humanity cannot progress.”

75. “Love sustains everything.”

76. “Amidst sorrows, the only thing that enlivens us is optimistic faith. Never
lose that faith.”

77. “Be a beginner always. A beginner has patience, humility, enthusiasm,
and optimistic faith.”

78. “Pray for a peaceful and contented mind in all circumstances.”

79. “Meditation should enable us to fill our hearts with compassion.”

80. “We give physical exercise to the body, but neglect the heart. The
exercise for the heart is uplifting the destitute and the suffering.”

81. "In real prayer there is nothing to ask, nothing to demand, no
suggestion. Real prayer is sincere surrender."

82. "Pray for a heart that rejoices in the happiness of others, and empathizes
with their sorrow."

83. "Spirituality bestows mental strength to face all situations of life with a

84. "Never forget that you are never alone on this journey. God is always
with you."

85. "Religious leaders should make every effort to guide their followers back
to the true essence of spirituality."

86. "Spiritual knowledge is a burden if carried on the head, but beautiful if
brought into the heart."

87. "By worrying about the past you lose the strength to deal with the

88. "Spirituality is the science of mastering the mind."

89. "The greatest miracle is the inner transformation that happens to a

90. "Try to change your bad habits by gradually replacing them with good
thoughts and actions.

91. "Remove the boundary between two fields, and there is only one field.
Boundaries and divisions are artificial, and created by man. See the One in

92. "Friendship is like an elevator, it can take you up or down. Choose friends

93. "Whatever may be your offering, what pleases God is the attitude of your

94. "Our efforts to remove hatred and indifference from the world begin by
trying to remove them from our own mind."

95. "Scriptures, like a signboard, point the way; in order to reach the
destination, you have to follow the instructions and move forward, not stand
reading the board again and again."

96. "Don't be disheartened if you don't see any results in spite of all your
effort. Each repetition of the mantra has an effect, you are just not aware of

97. "If a thread is thick or out of shape, it will not pass through the eye of a
needle. The thread has to be compressed. That surrender on the part of the
thread enables it to sew together countless pieces of cloth."

98. "God has given each of us a face. Whether it expresses love or anger is
completely up to us."

99. "Death is part of life. All of us must face it today or tomorrow. The
important thing is not how we die, but how we live."

100. "Krishna, Christ and Allah abide only in a heart devoid of conflict."

101. "Let us strive to reach a state in which we are able to see all beings on
earth as a part of our own Self."

102. "Spirituality is not a journey forward; it is a journey backward. We
return to our original source of existence."

103. “We are not isolated islands. Our lives are interconnected like the links
of a chain. Whether we are aware of it or not, our every action has an effect
on others.”

104. “Love and compassion are the very essence of all religions.”

105. "Let us strive to reach a state in which we are able to see all beings on
earth as a part of our own Self."

106. “The aim of devotion and prayer is to develop love for everyone.”

107. “Love is the very breath of life.”

108. “When we use the wealth obtained from nature, it diminishes. But when
we use the wealth of our inner gifts, it increases.

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